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I remember my mom saying, “I will take you to every audition, I will support you, but the minute you stop caring about it, I will stop.”
— Justin Timberlake
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You’re Not Alone

The only thing worse than FOMO is the fear of “believing” alone. (Or when someone thieves your last grapefruit La Croix.) Composer and Co-Founder of Pathway to Paris, Jesse Paris Smith talks to us about passion—How your energy is contagious, and when it comes to things you wholeheartedly believe in, you’ve got to trust that other people feel the same way.

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It may seem like a no-brainer (then again, so did the Tide Pod Challenge), but when it comes to filling out your support system roster, choose the people you trust the most—and focus on those who have different life experiences than you do. Still not sure who to pick? Take a look at some other important traits to consider when picking the people who’ve got your back.

We’ve all heard that “you are who you hang out with”. And it’s absolutely true—If the people around you have sub-par standards, chances are so will you. So take a good, hard look at the crew around you and make sure they’re not holding you back.

36% of people have met at least one of their closest friends at work. But before you run around befriending every Boardroom Betty who laughs at your jokes, take a look at how to separate an at-work ally from a full-out frenemy.

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One more reason to look forward to the weekend. Click on your sign to see what the stars have in store for you.

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