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Writing is part intuition and part trial and error, but mostly it’s very hard work.
— Cheryl Strayed
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Learn Along the Way

Jesse Paris Smith, co-founder of Pathway to Paris, shares her personal experience with learning through trial and error. And how it’s not only ok to make mistakes, it’s 100% necessary.

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We hear ya Jesse. Messing up is crucial to figuring out what works—and what doesn’t. (How else would we know not to go to the gym after happy hour?) Read about why the best way to learn is to try and fail.

Picture this: you’re interviewing for your dream job, you’re killing it, and all of a sudden you get asked to “tell me about a mistake you’ve made.” Cringe x10. Here’s how to answer some of the most uncomfortable interview q’s—and use them to show off your problem-solving skills.

It’s time to get comfy with making mistakes. We’re talking VS boyfriend-cut sweats comfy. Check out the top 7 reasons fudging up fuels your success. And your happiness.

the break room

the break room

We heart happy accidents.

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