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The simple act of paying attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity.
— Tom Peters, author
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Staying in Motion

When it comes to turning your dreams into a reality, the reality is that productivity is pivotal. Hear from Josh Malerman on the importance of Energizer bunny-ing—AKA keep relentlessly doing your thing until it pays off. And then keep doing it some more.

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Josh isn’t the only one who’s had a productivity epiphany. According to science, there’s a strong connection (and never-ending cycle) between productivity, work engagement and job satisfaction. Can’t get none? Now you can.

Fun Fact: Adequate nutrition can raise your productivity by 20%. So you may not BE what you eat, but eating the good stuff sure as hell gives you a boost.

You’ve heard of fake news, but have you heard of fake work? Yup. That’s right. Read about how half of ALL work tasks do not benefit a company’s bottom line.

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