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The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say ‘No’ to almost everything.
— Warren Buffett
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Setting Boundaries at Work 

We’ve all worked with someone who’s mistaken our friendliness for flirtation. So if you find yourself in those uncomfortable shoes, try these three tips from Bossy Skirt on how to get chummy Chad to chill out.

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Even those of us who have established clear boundaries at work need a little refresher every now and then. Take a look at some more advice on how to (politely) keep private things private.

That feeling when you get promoted and you’re now your work BFF’s boss? Follow these seven steps for alleviating the awkwardness, and easing the transition from friend to fearless leader.

In our ever-connected Wi-Fi- world, it’s more common than ever to have our work and personal lives intertwined. But is that a bad thing? Not necessarily—Read about how trying to keep them completely separate can actually have some negative side effects.

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