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While it’s hard to advise anyone to drop out of college, Joe Short is onto something when he explains that experience is the best teacher. We’re living in an age where every creative pursuit is seeing its barriers to entry vanish. College is great, but the internet contains so many books and lectures that you can learn any tangible skill on your own. Even if your goal seems like an impossible fairy tale, it is likely closer than it seems.

Rather than a condemnation of universities, take Joe’s advice to mean “jump head first into whatever interests you.” Don’t let your lack of a film degree prevent you from making that movie. You can learn how to start a company without an MBA. You could succeed, or you could fail, but you’ll undoubtedly emerge better than you are now.

The idea of going to college, getting the correct degree, and then using it to get a job in your desired industry is appealing. But once anyone begins their professional life, it becomes clear that nothing is as simple as it seems. There is no clear path to success. The most successful people are the ones who simply figure things out. Joe Short jumped into the deep end without a life jacket, but he learned to swim. And now he’s living his dream. I’d say “we should all be so lucky,” but we can be if we follow his advice.

Christian Zilko

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