Moments That Spark Magic

The old saying “man plans and god laughs” is often applicable to our lowest moments in our professional lives. No matter how hard we try, things never seem to work out exactly the way we see them in our heads. But former Shinola president Jacques Panis puts a positive spin on this phenomenon, explaining that things can sometimes turn out better than we ever planned them.

No matter how many business classes you take, there is no accounting for the magical moments where things come together perfectly. Sometimes they are directly related to your career, other times they can just be special moments with your coworkers. All that we can do is create an environment that allows these moments to happen. Magic is more likely to occur in a workplace that does not place limits on the talents of those who inhabit it. A workplace where everyone feels that they can soar.

Life moves fast, and it is easy to fall into a rhythm of always sprinting forward, never taking time to appreciate your situation or the people around you. Appreciate magical moments when you encounter them, and you might be finding more of them before you know it.

before you get back to work...

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Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves.
— Atticus
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