As you may know, our summer interns are contributing to Daily Fuel’s editorial. Today’s guest blogger, Olta Sota, graduate student at Wayne State University, discusses the power of obsession.

On Obsession

Students of entrepreneurship often hear about the rough journey many founders endure. Have you ever wondered what kept them going? Is it resilience, passion, drive or all of the above? A perfect example is the case of Airbnb. It took the founders many years before landing on what we know today as the world’s biggest accommodation platform. They went from San Francisco roommates putting an air mattress on the floor to help pay rent, to connecting people all around the world. Inviting a stranger into your home was a scary concept; yet the founders believed that this is exactly what we needed in order to make traveling easy.

The founders of Airbnb were extremely passionate about revolutionizing how people thought about travel. Faced with countless rejections and several relaunches, they never lost sight of their goals. They pushed through not only their personal comfort zones but that of our society as well. Their passion and drive to change the travel industry was much greater than the risks they faced. In the early years, when they struggled to make ends meet, they found themselves marketing novelty breakfast cereals to fund the company. Things they don’t teach you in business school…The journey towards entrepreneurship or any creative pursuit is full of obstacles, however, you must be obsessed with what you are doing in order to weather the storm.

In today’s video, Michael Zadoorian, American novelist and short story writer, explains how obsessing over an idea and pushing beyond the comfort zone are necessary elements in creating something revolutionary. The process is long, yet longevity is not guaranteed. Thus, the inner desire to bring forth an idea must be stronger than the chance of failing. He argues that if an idea brewing in your mind makes you uncomfortable or even scared, chances are you are onto something great. Has an idea ever kept you up at night? If you are still thinking about it, this is a kind reminder to push forward.

Olta Sota

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In 2008 we made $5K from our website and $40K selling breakfast cereal.
— Brian Chesky, cofounder of Airbnb
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