As you may know, our summer interns are contributing to Daily Fuel’s editorial. Today's guest blogger, Christian Zilko, student Emerson College, gives his take on Molly MacDonald’s appreciation of love.

The Value of Love

When asked about the meaning of his hit HBO series The Sopranos, Peak TV godfather David Chase famously said that the entire show was about love. Not about power struggles or revenge killings or ziti, but love. The show that took us deeper inside the mafia than ever before was written to emphasize the importance of loving one another. The 86 hours of television explored all the dramatic ups and downs of the human condition, but love was the connecting thread. All this to say that love plays an important role in every aspect of our society, even the places where we least expect it.

Most everyone knows the importance of love. We all know that we need people in our lives who love us, and we need to be generous about expressing our love for them. It’s not a trait that has to be learned, we’re simply born with it. What’s harder is learning to apply it to your professional life.

Love is the strongest emotion that we feel, the motif that dominates the narrative of our lives. Pursuing a career that harnesses your love for specific people or causes can benefit everyone involved. Taking the time to forge deep, loving relationships with your employees and coworkers will make your business stronger. As Molly MacDonald says, love never runs out, it only grows as you share it with more people. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a capo, letting love into your personal and professional life can only make you happier and more successful.

Olta Sota

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Script Scribe. Sopranos Fan. Lover of Life.

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[The Sopranos is] about truly living your life for what is or should be the most important thing: love, and loving and enjoying the moments with those closest to you. In this case, that is Tony's family. Because in the end it's going to be over before you know it and usually not the way you would expect and ALWAYS too soon.
— David Chase
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