Surviving Your Darkest Hour

On Tuesday, we saw Jeff Ponders talk about the importance of pursuing your passions. But any entrepreneur knows that such a thing is easier said than done. The idea of taking that leap of faith, beginning a career doing what you love, is unbelievably exciting. But the setbacks you face along the way can often seem insurmountable. So today, Warmilu founder Grace Hsia explains how she makes it through these moments. In her darkest hours, she kept herself together by continuing to devote herself to her work.

While she acknowledges the importance of allowing your emotions to run their course, the only way out of a bad situation is often through it. Getting trapped in a cycle of feeling sorry for yourself and overthinking everything benefits nobody. As an inventor of technology that helps save premature infants in Africa, Grace Hsia’s work is about as meaningful as it gets. That knowledge, that her work was making the world a better place, makes it easier to work through a rough situation.

Pursuing your passions in business is often a high-risk, high-reward situation. The highs can be triumphant, the lows abysmal. But as Grace’s situation demonstrates, the knowledge that you are following your dreams can make the lows more palatable. There is no panacea that helps you overcome these setbacks. But if you put yourself on a meaningful path, the necessary work and perseverance will feel easier to put in.

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If you're going through hell, keep going.
— Winston Churchill
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