As you may know, our summer interns are contributing to Daily Fuel’s editorial. Today's guest blogger, Rishi, an economics student at the University of Michigan, discusses choosing his destiny.

Do it For You

I’m doing this for my parents. I’m doing that for my friends. It is completely fine to do things for others, but one has to love what they do for themselves, first and foremost. Many times, we use external factors to help motivate us to succeed in the pursuit of our passions, but our best work will flow more naturally if we truly enjoy doing it.

In our daily lives, we are often bombarded with social pressure to pursue careers or make personal decisions based on other people's likes and interests. For example, people told me not to study Economics because it “isn’t a reputable degree that pays well.” Instead, they would tell me to “study science”, and that it would provide me with a “more stable living.” I've understood since I was a child I was not fond of any science subject, so I always disregarded this advice when people offered it. I was lucky enough to know that pursuing what I'm passionate about, which is the economy and how it works, is where my potential for professional success is unlimited.

This leads to what Michael Zadoorian, a Detroit-based best selling author, has to say about doing things for yourself. He says that whenever he tried to appeal to a specific crowd or make someone else happy, the work was always a disaster. This is a concept that is essential to our success regardless of age, occupation, or hobby. If we all embrace the "do it for yourself" mentality in all facets of life, our chances of achieving our goals have drastically improved.


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