As you may know, our summer interns are contributing to Daily Fuel’s editorial. Today's guest blogger, Brandt, an economics student at the University of Michigan, discusses nailing the job interview.

Interviewing a Team Player

The interview stages of a job application are undoubtedly the most crucial in setting yourself apart from your competition. They are also the most nerve-racking. There is a fine line between not explaining your prior achievements and over-talking yourself. It almost seems intuitive to use “I” repetitively in an interview, as it’s all about you.

In today’s Daily Fuel video, Peter DeNunzio gives a warning against this type of introverted thinking during an interview. Peter posed the question, “When have you really succeeded in your career and what did you contribute to that team?” Interestingly, Peter then explains that the answer to that question is less important than how it is explained. DeNunzio didn’t necessarily look to hear a ground-breaking achievement, rather he listened for the candidate to attribute the success of the work to the team.

In Peter’s eyes, a humble and team-oriented applicant will likely get further than an accomplished, self-centered candidate. This is important to consider when preparing for impending interviews. However, this lesson scales past job applications. Peter implies that, in general, the success of the team is more important than individual accolades, yet egos often get in the way.


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