As you may know, our summer interns are contributing to Daily Fuel’s editorial. Today's guest blogger, Brandt, an economics student at the University of Michigan, discusses the power of "micro-goals."

Break it Down

When goal-setting, people are often told ‘dream big’ or ‘shoot for the moon’. All goals are attainable however, they don’t always seem that way. Especially if the ambition is long-term and large in scale. Tommey Walker’s mentor gave him great advice that he has now passed onto us: break it down.

Think about how reachable Tommey made his ultimate goal. He wanted to learn how to design. He started with Photoshop. Before even worrying about tackling Photoshop – which is a fairly large program to learn – he focused on getting a computer. He broke that $1400 payment down into 14 payments of $100. Ultimately Tommey went from wanting to be a UX designer to setting his very attainable goal of simply making $100, 14 times. While this goal-setting might seem tedious, it was these micro-goals that turned Tommey into a successful entrepreneur.

A crucial part of this process is to trust yourself. Setting small goals is one thing, but Tommey said it best: “I don’t even focus on the final goal, I just know I’m going to get there.” His advice is applicable to all areas of our lives. Whether its succeeding in one’s career, climbing a mountain, or even training a dog – setting small goals makes the final goal feel attainable, but you must have faith that you will achieve that final objective.


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Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.
— Tom Landry
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