As you may know, our summer interns are contributing to Daily Fuel’s editorial. Today's guest blogger, Olta, an MBA candidate from Wayne State University, muses on education.

Going Back to School

On average, an individual who graduates with a bachelor’s degree has been in school for sixteen years. Although some might argue that depending on the complexity of the studies, sixteen years can feel more like sixty. That is exactly how I felt when I graduated college. I loved school and thrived in its environment but towards my senior year, I was ready to be done. I couldn’t wait to start working.

College was demanding but that was no comparison to working full-time. Corporate America was rewarding in its own way, mainly financially, but looking back, school was a lot more fun. After five years, I got the itch to go back to school for an MBA. This time, it was my choice and that completely changed my learning experience. I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts and learn from my classmates. Learning felt a lot richer after having experienced the real world.

Similarly, Michael Zadoorian, best-selling author, shares how going back to school forced him to make certain changes and ultimately, changed his life forever. He started taking a few classes at Wayne State University with no intention of pursuing a Master’s Degree. More importantly, by surrounding himself with likeminded individuals who encouraged him to get out of his comfort zone, Zandoorian started to write fiction and the rest is history.

I am honored to share my alma mater with someone like Michael Zandoorian. As I get closer to my graduation date, I cannot help but reflect on the amount of growth I have experienced. Learning may take different forms for different people but feeding your mind will always yield positive results.


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