As you may know, our summer interns are contributing to Daily Fuel’s editorial. Today's guest blogger, Parth, a student at Michigan's Ross School of Business, shares how he defines success.

The Definition of Success

My father and my grandfather are two similar people with two different lifestyles. They are both highly intelligent and rational men, with big hearts and strong principles. They live purposeful lives centered around family. Despite being socially awkward and hot tempered, they are very charismatic. However, when I spend time with them, I have two contrasting experiences. Time with my Dad consists of discussing school, finances, business trends, and of course, sports. We’re either doing some sort of chore or watching the Patriots. With my Granddad, we walk around the neighborhood discussing philosophy, anthropology, religion, and so on. He wants me to understand the world on a humanitarian level.

What is it that makes my father and grandfather so similar yet so different? Their definitions of success. It’s obvious they both want me to be successful, however, their visions of what that means are different. My Dad’s perspective of success is related to my career, while my Granddad’s perspective of success is related to my soul. From their positive influences, I have learned to incorporate my own perspective of success that relates to both my career and soul. And to me, the path that will make me successful is entrepreneurship.

When I watch Fuel’s videos of Grace, I see someone that matches my version of success. Her accomplishments feed her career, and her personality and selflessness feed her soul. What amazes me even more is how she forged her definition of success. Whereas my father and grandfather became successful and passed their knowledge down to me, Grace’s father struggled to reach his definition of success. Her father’s struggle inspired Grace to be who she is, and now Grace is inspiring me as well.


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Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.
— Dale Carnegie
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