As you may know, our summer interns are contributing to Daily Fuel’s editorial. Today's guest blogger, Luke, an entrepreneurship student at the University of Michigan, discusses the power of simplicity.

Keep it simple

HealthRise Solutions is a healthcare consulting firm that provides strategies and advice to improve the processes and performance of their partners. As their CEO, David Farbman needs to keep things simple, and define exactly what he does that can help other companies. The last thing a company needs from a consultant is lots of noise, and no real solutions. This is why Farbman refuses to overcomplicate anything when using only a few words will suffice.

Farbman’s message reminds me of the words of the legendary Nobel laureate, Albert Einstein. Einstein once declared that, “If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” This quote resonates with me because I often believe that I fully understand something until I have to describe it in detail to someone else. My challenges as an undergraduate student simplifying economics are certainly nothing compared to Einstein simplifying theoretical physics, but the motto of simplicity still holds true in both cases.

In Farbman’s case, he leads a successful business because he takes the time to nail down exactly what he does, and what solutions he can provide. He truly understands his role, and he can explain to other businesses why his company is a useful partner. In a world full of noise, it is important to remember his advice: “Keep it simple, stupid.”


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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci
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