As you may know, our summer interns are contributing to Daily Fuel’s editorial. Today's guest blogger, Rishi, an economics student at the University of Michigan, discusses how to protect creativity.

On Creativity

Creativity is something that companies value in different ways. Sometimes, companies say they want someone who can “think outside the box,” but then box in their employees’ creative work. Other companies may market themselves as new, fashionable, and creative while in reality they may be hindering some of their most promising talent’s skills.

I had a similar experience in my Introduction to Entrepreneurship class during my sophomore year at Michigan. The professor would constantly reiterate how “creatively enhancing” this learning experience was, and that got me excited about showing my true potential as a student. But as the semester progressed, I realized the creative ideas we had were also subject to her approval process, which heavily edited my ideas. So much so, that I lost the creative touch that made them unique to my perspective. Instead, they became more similar to the ideas everyone else pitched in class, which was the exact opposite of what the professor boasted about all semester long. About halfway through the semester, I decided to pursue my creative energies outside the classroom, and that’s when I started to feel like I was starting to fulfill my potential.

In today’s clip, Tommey Walker talks about his experiences working with a large advertising agency, and how the necessity to follow brand guidelines actually hindered his creativity. This experience led him to pursue his own ideas, and he eventually founded “Detroit vs Everybody.” It’s an excellent reminder that if you wish to pursue something truly creative, following your own vision, and not someone else’s, may be the best way to bring your creations to life.


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